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About Abby.

Visual artist & Muralist.

Featured in The Herald Sun and GT magazine 

Abby is an intuitive acrylic painter who is fascinated by colour and movement throughout each of her artworks. Her paintings are inspired by Australian wildflowers and vibrant colours that are found in the everyday. Abby currently practices still life artworks with ceramics and botanica, switching between her colourful gum-leaf abstracts. Painting is a safe location for Abby to reconcile with her thoughts and memories. 

Outside of painting, Abby is the owner and director of Geelong's new art gallery; Verandah Studio and Gallery. Website here. Verandah is a private gallery that represents over 20 local artists, hosting art workshops and community events. 

Abby is also a host of her podcast 'Art of Painting' where she discusses common art business topics and interviews local creatives. There's not much Abby doesn't do. 


Exhibitions & Artist Achievements

  • Mist Gallery, NSW 2021- ongoing 

  • Toowoomba Gramma Art Show 2022 (SOLD OUT)

  • Verandah Studio & Gallery, 2021

  • The Space 30x30 group exhibition 2021/2022

  • Brunswick Gallery fifty by fifty group exhibition 



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